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  • User Management and Devicegroup tabs have been reworked

  • It is now possible to change user passwords within the application and not via web

  • Faster authentication via API (affects IOS, android, VDG Sense Webpage and third party integrators)

  • Herta and Briefcam integration are temporarily disabled, please contact support for assistance.

  • Reintroduced support for NVH-1003


For Web, API and App access the password of the (migrated) users need to be reconfigured. Follow this procedure for each user:

  1. Open User Management tab

  2. Select user for which web access need to work

  3. Press ‘Change Password’

  4. Change or retype chosen password

  5. After all users are updated goto ‘System’ tab and press ‘Sync Sense’ button

New Features

  • VMS-6803 - Camera Edge Recording (with ONVIF Profile G) [Read More]

  • VMS-10916 - Privacy Mask for TKH Security Solutions driver [Read More]

  • VMS-10915 - Colorize events in eventlist [Read More]

  • VMS-10913 - Choose stream for VCA [Read More]

  • VMS-10803 - Keycloak integration [Read More]

  • VMS-10947 - Search option to add AD users to Sense userlist [Read More]