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Operators can create multiple dashboards with different widgets based on the functionality that is needed for their operations

Widget store

Each piece of functionality has its own widget and is available through the widget store

Device controller widget

  • Live video (with option to pin/lock the video for that specific widget)

  • Control your device with buttons related to the device

  • See the live status of your device

Device list widget

Overview of all the devices that are configured in the system, with filter option and sorting per column.
The selected devices will be presented in the device controller widget.

Workflow widget

Operators will be able to process cases more easily and efficiently with a custom workflow.

Extra options in the widget:

  • Enter a remark

  • Forward the case

  • Create an incident in an incident management system (supported systems are Topdesk and DRA)

Case list widget

Overview of the incoming cases that can be accepted by the operator. Accepted events will start a workflow and update the device controller widget.

Map widget

Visualization of a building or floor with the configured devices. The floor plan will change intuitively based on the incoming event. This way the exact location of the configured device is immediately clear for the user. You can upload various maps and link these, depending on your requirements.

Case history widget

Gives an overview of the cases that are handled by the operators including workflow steps and a remark entered during the workflow. There is a column picker available for showing/hiding column and a filter option for filtering on specific location, device or operator. With the time picker you can easily select the time frame of the data you want to see in the widget.

Incident list widget

Overview of the incidents from an incident management or ticket system. Supported systems are Topdesk and DRA.
This widget will show the open incidents from a specific location during a workflow to inform the operator. You can also create a new ticket/incident directly during a workflow.

Within this widget you have the option to filter on date/time, device and operator.

Call transfer widget

In this widget you can see and change the status of a Commend intercom central. Calls can be handled local (in the garage) or central (in a control room). You can change the status manually in this widget or this can be done via a pre-configured schedule.

Night mode

Option to switch theme to night mode

Clock widget

Shows the current time and date. Can be presented as an analog or digital clock