ReaderManager 05.02.41

The Reader manager with major release number 5 is suitable for the Pluto and ApolloN controllers.

The release has a large number of new features and many fixes that will improve the stability of the readermanager.

The most important new features are:

  • Support for Sirius iX30 readers

  • Support for ApolloN controller

  • Reader firmware update capabilities

  • Calamity card functionality for end-to-end encrypted configurations

New features/improvements

In this release of the readermanager the following functionalitites have been added/improved:

  • READ-83 'fix' the functioning of calamity cards in reader-manager in the Pluto: Now calamitycards will work even when the controller has no network after a restart.

  • READ-85 iProtect/Readermanager should be able to manage/distribute the readerconfigurations.

  • READ-90 Support Sirius iX30 Reader

  • READ-91 Update Sirius iX30 signed firmware through RS485

  • READ-93 ApolloN support

  • READ-111 OSDP  reader connected is missing

  • READ-112 OSDP, communication quality is not reported in iProtect (always 0%)

  • READ-115 OSDP,  manufacturer is is not shown as name

  • READ-128 All Access message is still there. This is legacy functionality that has been removed.

  • READ-134 Support Simons Voss Virtual Card Network AX equipment

  • READ-142 Combination script with  continuous read is required 

  • READ-153 Combi script with different kind of UID's and DESFire combined

  • READ-159 RDR manager, Create delayed communication after there is reported "i am alive"

  • READ-172 improve logging ReaderManager


  • READ-24 High cardnumbers let Polyx crash 

  • READ-25 OSDP: When  reader is disconnected and connected again, the reader will not recover anymore 

  • READ-59 OSDP  let readermanger crash 

  • READ-87 Reader manager backup restore doesn't remove 

  • READ-92 VCN enrollment reader does not proces upstream file correctly 

  • READ-104 Reader reboot <15 seconds is not handled properly 

  • READ-105 XML Failure 

  • READ-106 Enrollment does not work anymore 

  • READ-108 RM crash after removing RM and discovering 

  • READ-113 OSDP checksum byte swapped for Hikvison reader 

  • READ-114 OSS seems be not working in this situation 

  • READ-123 Polyx < 5 can't handle a reader without a relais 

  • READ-131 PHG reader communication with RM doesn't work anymore 

  • READ-133 DESFire and 7Byte uid does not work combined

  • READ-135 Watchdog restarts ReaderManager

  • READ-139 SV VCN  when enrolling a new card it can happen that it is immediately on the black list 

  • READ-141 OSS  ReaderManager  crasheds when assign multiple cards to a cardgroup 

  • READ-143 Reader provisioning keeps provisioning after nodemanager restart 

  • READ-144 Memory issues with rm 5.02.27 

  • READ-148 Reader loses communication after RIO firmware update 

  • READ-150 Reader manager core dumps on unknown provisioner type 

  • READ-154 7Byte UID straight does not work 

  • READ-156 if USB port is not available it is possible to create a endless loop 

  • READ-160 RDR manager if USB communication is interupted for a short period the rdr manager reboots 

  • READ-161 RDR manager, if communication fails with one stacked Orion other Orions must keep on working 

  • READ-163 RDR manager, transaction are reported 'multiple' times at restart 

  • READ-164 readermanager coredump 

  • READ-165 RDR manager   reader buzzer does not work 

  • READ-166 readermanager buzzer does not work by on of the 8 readers 

  • READ-167 RDR manager code review, cleanup and more robust 

  • READ-168 Readermanager: Calamity mode is broken in version 

  • READ-169 Reader reports by start multiple times reader connected 

  • READ-170 response time out messages in logfiles 

  • READ-173 printf command will overwrite itself, this can cause problems 

  • READ-174 MF response timeout 30 not working 

  • READ-177 Readermanager lockup after 'change' calamity card(s) 

  • READ-178 Reader manager does not always replace correct calamity card 

  • READ-179 Readmanager. calamity cards with wild card never match 

  • READ-180 polyx -c core dumps on <cntrl> c 

  • READ-181 OSDP provisioning does not work on communication speed 19200 

  • READ-184 OssInit works with freed memory 

  • READ-185 kpcontrol and polyx -c don't show all 'debug' info (characters missing) 

  • READ-187 OSS timeschedule is not written on the card