The file Pluto-rootfs-v5.68a.tar.gz is the download package for the Gold version of the rootfs filesystem of the Pluto/ApolloN.
The extension 68a means that the libraries for the nodemanager have been fixed for verion 10 and higher (with respect to version 68).

This package can be downloaded via the Pluto/ApolloN maintenance page (faster). It is a big package so it will take some time to download and process.
Depending on the bandwidth available, this can take up to 15-20 minutes.

This package can also be loaded into iProtect as a media element and can be provisioned via the line provosioner. iProtect will take care of the whole process.
There are some disadvantages:

  • The package will become part of the iProtect database and backup. So the backup will grow with about 450 MBytes.

  • It can take up to 2 hours to download and process on the Pluto line.

After successful upgrade the rootfs version in the Pluto maintenance page should shoud the correct version (v5-68a).

This package should be installed on Pluto’s and ApolloN’s that run a Rootfs version 5.23. If the Pluto is running another version of Rootfs, and upgrade is not necessary.


Using the link below you can download the RootFS version.