Camera - Onvif Edge Recording

With the support of Onvif Profile G VDG Sense is able to retrieve recorded video from cameras doing local recording (on SD card) and synchronize the videodata to VDG Sense storage. It is available for all Onvif cameras supporting Onvif Profile G and for selected camera drivers in VDG Sense.

It works as follows:

  1. For each ‘Connection Lost’ and ‘Reconnect’ event in VDG Sense for a specific camera, an ‘Edge Request’ is created.

  2. The ‘Edge Request’ has a start and end time corresponding to the time between Connection Lost and Reconnect event for that specific camera.

  3. During this time the camera was disconnected which means there is no video recording for that camera on VDG Sense

  4. Assuming the camera is configured to record locally the video is available on the camera.

  5. The missing video can be synchronized from the camera storage to the VDG Sense storage.


  • Edge requests are not created when the server goes down. Only when the server is online and detects a connection lost and reconnect sequence.

  • Edge requests are stored for the duration of the video retention time (Max Storage)

Camera support

Camera drivers for which Onvif Edge is supported

  • Onvif

  • TKH Security Solutions

  • Hikvision

  • Vivotek 8000

  • Dahua

For all cameras it is required that the Onvif protocol is enabled and the login credentials for onvif users are the same as the webpage access. If this is not configured correcty edge requests will fail when trying to synchronize the data.


The ‘Onvif Edge’ tab will be visible if VDG Sense can use the Onvif Profile G implementation in the camera.

  • Enabled

    • Enable Onvif Profile G capability so ‘Edge Requests’ can be created

  • Edge Request Trigger Time

    • The minimum time between ‘Connection Lost’ and ‘Reconnect’ event

  • Sync Speed

    • Speed of data sync from camera to server

The data received from the camera is first saved to a special folder after which it is synchronized with VDG Sense storage. This special folder is set in the Server->Advanced tab:

Edge Request

If Onvif Edge is enabled and VDG Sense detects a disconnect and reconnect, an Edge Request is created. These are visible in the Edge Request layout in the Tools section of the menu.

Here we see 1 edge request from 16:39:53 until 16:41:48 which means data can be retrieved for that time period. To sync the video the ‘Sync’ button needs to be pressed to start the procedure. After a couple of seconds it start syncing:

Once completed it will show ‘Completed’: