Camera - Privacy Mask

The Privacy Mask setting allows the user to configure a Privacy Mask in the videostream of the camera. It is available for the TKH Security Solutions driver and the Hikvision driver. BEcause it is configured in the camera itself, the mask will be visible in live mode as well as in the recordings.

The tab 'Privacy Mask; will become visible if the camera supports privacy mask configuation.

To enable the Privacy Mask check the ‘Enabled’ checkbox in the upper right corner. Once enabled the buttons to create and remove the zones will become visible on the left side of the screen. When enabling the privacy mask automatically the first zones will be added:


The menu is used to enable or disable the privacy mask and the select which one to edit.

  • Enabled

    • Enable or disable the privacy mask

  • Privacy Mask

    • Select the shape which needs editing

  • Shape Settings

    • Set a name of the shape(if supported by camera)

Placing Shape

The menu on the left side is used to add or remove the privacy masks:

  • Arrow

    Move cursor (default). Move shapes located on the video image

  • Area

    Place a new shape on the video image

  • Trashcan

    Remove the selected shape


To place a area

  1. Click on the area in the toolbar

  2. Drag the area to the desired position

  3. Resize the area by draging one of the anchors

To remove a shape

  1. Select the shape you wish to remove

  2. Click the Trashcan icon in the toolbar