User Schemes

The User Schemes gives the operator the possibility to see colors for different type of events. This way priority item events stand out more and the operator can more easily distinguish different type of events and act accordingly. The color scheme also applies to the Timeline panel.

The User Schemes are a (user) role configurable setting. This means different groups of users can have their own color scheme. It is configurable in the ‘User Scheme’ tab:

To add a ‘User Scheme’ press the '+' button in the lower left corner of the screen. The following dialog will open:

Enter a name for the ‘User Scheme’ and press ‘OK’ to add it.

To define a color for a type of Event press the square next to the event type. The following color selection dialog will open.

Choose the color and press ‘OK’ to save it.

Do this for all event types. See below for an example where different type of events have different colors. Different events can have the same color.

After the user scheme(s) have been defined, it needs to be assingned to a role. This needs to be done in the ‘User Management’ tab. The user scheme can be chosen in the ‘Details’ section of the user profile. See below.

An information dialog will pup-up to inform you to logout and login to see the effect of the user scheme.

Note: User Schemes can also be applied to the root Administrator user or users with administrator rights. These users need to be added to a Role and the ‘User Scheme’ selected.