FlinQ ForeSight 5.13


Key features:

  • Videowall widget; control a Sense videowall from a widget in FlinQ ForeSight, change layout and update video panels with a different camera

  1. Select the videowall client

  2. Select a new layout

  3. Choose the monitor you want to update

  4. Click at a panel and assign a new camera to a panel

  • Sense live video and ptz; Streaming live video and ptz directly from Sense

  • Sense playback; video playback with Sense cameras. Select a date via a date picker and a slider for finding the correct recorded video images.

  • Call history; present call history per location in the device widget

  • Improved configuration migration service; Parking facilities with a specific shortname will create automatically a location + logical device in ForeSight

  • Location configuration available via new UI >> Behind feature flag

  • Tag support; add a tag to a location and use this tag in a business rule

Improvement's dashboard/widget UI:

  • Color update for light and dark theme

  • Fixed menu bar

  • Setting for remark field default open instead of closed

  • Back option in workflow

  • Locations without call transfer are hidden in the call transfer widget

  • Cases for other operator groups then assigned to user are not visible for the operator.

  • Playback of audio message is behind a user role

  • Support URL with placeholders 2nd screen

  • Operator group and language available in case list widget