*Change Commend server with FlinQ Status

Configuration Article | CA-20220420-TV-01

Security Management | FlinQ 3.X |

If you have a redundant intercom system with a primary and secondary environment, it can be useful to know how you can change the connected intercom server by hand.

During normal conditions, FlinQ is connected to the primary intercom instance, when the primary instance is not reachable, the FlinQ server connects to the secondary instance if this parameter is set to the configuration.

If you experience problems with the intercom and FlinQ connection, it is possible FlinQ is listening to the secondary call numbers and the intercom control desk has a primary call number.


How to change the server connection:

  1. Start FlinQ Status:

2. Login in FlinQ status, You can navigate via server or you use Ctrl+L

3. Go to Simulate Connector in the Server menu.

A new dialog window will pop up.

4. Fill in the Connector, the Command and the Parameter.

4.1. Connector: Commend_Failover_Module, this connector is used in FlinQ to move between 2 Commend connectors.

4.2. Command: Select ChangeServer, this command is to change the Commend server which is connected.

4.3. Parameter: This command is send to the FlinQ system (internal message)

primary: Force all Commend nodes to the primary server.

secondary: Force all Commend nodes to the secondary Commend server.

automatic: Preferably connect all Commend nodes to the primary Commend server, but if it fails connect to the secondary server.

4.4. Hit the Send button to send the command.


5. Test the communication.