*How to change or add reason tags in FlinQ

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How to change or add reason tags in FlinQ.

1. Tab Reasons

Log in in FlinQ studio.
Go to Maintain-> Reasons

In the window that pop up, you can add reasons. The name of the reason is the text that will be shown at the GUI.

2. Tab ReasonTags

The next step is to add the reason to a group, the Reason Tags

Go to Maintain -> ReasonTags (ctrl+E)

You could choose to add the reasons to the same reason tag, or you make a new group with reasons.
The group is the set of reasons you will activate in the device. If you want to have the same set of reasons in each device, its enough to have just one “ReasonTag”.

After you made the reason tag group, you can Edit the reasontag to add the previously made reasons to the reasontag.

3. Add reasons to the device.

If you select this ReasonTag (group of reasons) in your device, you will get in the qui this list of reasons to select from when the device state is set.