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Use this SPA tool to determine which Siqura product will be best for your purposes.

Download links are here:

Note that to use the Setup version, you need to be able to have administrator rights on your PC or laptop. If this is not possible, then you can use the Portable version instead. You can best open your File Explorer, then in the address bar type “%userprofile%“ (without the quotes but with the percent signs) and hit Enter. This is your user area and you will have write access in that folder. Download the Portable zip, open it, and copy the found SPA folder to this %userprofile% folder. Enter this new SPA folder, find SPA.exe, and copy as shortcut to your desktop. As a result, you will have a portable installation of SPA on your PC or laptop. Just like the setup version, SPA portable will still auto update all necessary files. Good luck!