The integrated POS connection has the ability to communicate with a POS server without the need for installing additional hardware. The Sense will use data from the POS server to execute several actions. The Sense can connect with one POS server via a TCP/IP (Network) connection. The connection is periodically checked and re-established when needed.

POS connection

Active: Activate POS communication. Shows if the connection to POS has been established.
Host: The network name of the desired POS server.
Port: The network port of the desired POS server.
Username: Username for the network connection.
Password: Password for the network connection.

FTP server

Active: Activates the sending of images to an FTP server.
Host: The name of the FTP server.
Port: The port of the FTP server.
Username: Username for the network connection.
Password: Password for the network connection.
Path: The location for the images.

Overview of all POS-actions. To add, edit or delete POS-actions double-click on the overview (” Click here to add POS settings”). The following dialog is shown.

Settings for the POS actions are made in several steps. The steps that make up the complete setting will described below.

Pump list Select the pump for which the settings will be valid. Pumps can be added with the ”+”-button.
Device list Select the dome camera which should be used in conjunction with the POS system. Cameras can be added with the ”+”-button. Multiple cameras can be controlled per pump setting but only the first one will grab an image.
LPR Choose a preset for the chosen pump number. The dome will be sent to this location after the nozzle of the selected pump (1) is taken out. After a delay, set by ’seconds to grab LPR image’, the system will record an image and send it to the license plate recognition system, if a license plate recognition option is installed on the system. With the FTP module this image can be sent to an FTP-server.
Person ID After a delay time given by ’Seconds to Person ID’ the dome will move to an overview of the situation given by preset number.
Overview The last setting is the delay time ’Seconds to overview’ which the system will wait before it sends the dome back to its home position.