On Sense systems, an overview page is available with recording statistics. This page displays detailed information that can be used to adjust recording settings and to recognise potential bandwidth problems.

For each device, a row of statistics is visible on this page. At the bottom of the page, an overall total is given. Except for the frame size, which is an overall average value. In the device section, the following statistic is available: 


  • Name, the camera name

  • Frame, the average frame size in kilobytes, measured over the last 5 seconds.

Harddisk Statistics

  • First image, the date and time of the oldest image on disk.

  • Total time, the total duration of all recorded images.

  • Live vs. Store ( % ), the percentage of frames that were recorded. When using motion detection for recording, not all frames that are sent to the server by a camera will also be recorded. This statistic is calculated over all recorded frames since startup of the server.

  • Disk use ( GB ), the amount of disk space the recorded data uses.

  • Store Bandwidth, the harddisk bandwidth this device currently uses. If no images are recorded because there is no motion, this number can be 0.

Network Statistics

  • Input ,the network bandwidth from the camera to the server.

  • Output, the network bandwidth the server sends out to clients for this device. The more clients request live or playback video for this device, the higher this number will be.

  • Packet loss (5min), the packet loss between camera and server from the last 5 minutes. This value could indicate netwerk issues between camera and server and results in data corruption.