Devices – Advanced settings


The Advanced tab is used to configure special settings for the selected device. These options are enables by the preceding checkbox and can be different depending on the chosen device type and license.


  • Audio

    • Enables audio recording for selected device

  • Dewarping

    • Enables dewarping for selected device. This option is available in the Sense Pro license. (Read more)

  • Prefer RTSP over TCP

    • Prefer connection over TCP. If TCP is not available, the default UDP will be used as fallback. Cannot be used in combination with multicast.

  • On demand streaming

    • Enables on demand streaming The device will only stream (and record) when requested by client.

  • RTP timestamps

    • If enabled the set time of the camera is used as timestamp for video recording. When using this setting it is important that the time of the camera is synchronized with a time server.

  • Enable multi streaming

    • Enables multi streaming for selected device. (Read more)

  • Multicast 

    • Enables multicast for selected device. (Read more)

  • Record

    • Choose which stream to record

  • VCA

    • Choose which stream to do VCA on (all VCA; Motion, SceneR, SiquraVCA, CarR, ObjectC)

Multi Streaming

For selected TKH Security Solution or Hikvision driver cameras, triple streaming is supported. This means VDG Sense can use a third stream for either recording, displaying or VCA.

Stream Settings


For TKH Security Solution or Hikvision driver cameras it is possible to change the video settings for all supported streams.

  • Resolution

    • All supported resolutions for that specific camera will be available in the selection list

  • Bandwidth:

    • Choose the bandwidth to be used by camera

  • Framerate

    • All supported framerates for that specific camera will be available in the selection list


Framerate setting for these drivers is removed from Profiles->General tab. To change resolution, Bandwidth or framerate a viewer or server macro can be used.

  • Video->Device->Bandwidth->Stream1/2/3

  • Video->Device->Framerate->Stream1/2/3

  • Video->Device->Resolution->Stream1/2/3