Devices – Correction

VDG Sense has two algorithms to correct certain distortions in the image, both can  be configured in the Correction tab.

The two algorithms are:

  • Lens correction (Distortion setting)
    Correct ‘barrel distortion’ which could happen when the lens of the camera is set to a wide angle. Refer to article about Lens Correction.

  • Perspective correction (Perspective setting). Refer to article about Perspective Correction.
    Could be used to stitch cameras together

Lens correction

Lens correction is enabled by moving the slider Distortion  to the right. The image below shows a typical situation where the lens is set to a wide angle. 

See below to see what effect this slider has on the image:

Perspective correction

  1. Enable “Perspective” by clicking the checkbox

  2. Use the green rectangle in the reference image to identify the area that needs to be corrected. (For the best results, an exact 1:1 square should be marked)

  3. Set the Frame Width / Frame Height values (1-1000)

  4. Optional: Set the zoom value

  5. Click “Apply”

In this example, we configure the area exactly on top of the square grid. The grid is an exact square of by 5, so we set the Frame Width and Frame Height on 5 (but can be set to 1:1 for simplicity as well).

Note: The best results are often obtained by marking an exact 1:1 square area. Using a larger ratio will result in a cropped image.