How to update TKH-Siqura products with SDM2

How to update Siqura products

Note. We recommend to always disconnect your camera/encoder from VMS or other system during the upgrade process.

Download the latest version firmware of your product on our website and extract .zip file.
Camera firmware
Encoder firmware

Use the SDM2 Tool to discover and update your product.
SDM2 download

Open SDM2.exe

Select device with right mouse click and select “Connect”

Check if the status column shows "Online"
When not, click again with the right mouse button on the device and select "Edit selected device" and enter the credentials and try to connect again
(If there are multiple cameras with the same credentials, they can also be added to SDM2: Tools → Options → Login → Add )

Select device with right mouse click and select “Firmware upgrade”


Select the folder with firmware and press “OK” (the folder with the file “UpgradeRules.ini”)

Update starts automatically and takes few minutes.
With PTZ models this can take up to 15 minutes, do not interrupt this process.

  • Multiple selection of same type camera/encoder is possible when using "Ctrl" button.
    We advise not to upgrade more than 10 devices at the same time