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In development

  • VDG Sense 2.7.4

Expected: Q22024

New features

  • To be defined


VDG Sense 2.7.3 (Released 05 March 2024)

titleNew features
  • VMS-11359 RTSP plugin to support Audio (read more)

  • VMS-11800 User defined privacy mask (read more)

  • VMS-11899 Export video in native format via API (read more)

  • VMS-11901 New Videotag layout (read more)

  • VMS-12305 New Tattile STARK camera driver

  • VMS-12366 Triple streaming for Onvif driver

  • VMS-12522 Triple streaming for RTSP driver

  • VMS-12523 Triple streaming for Hanwha driver

  • VMS-12674 Update with latest Polish translations

  • VMS-12569 Car brand detection support for Siqura BL2002v2-LPR camera (requires latest camera firmware)

  • VMS-12159 API: Add post-time to addvideotag call

  • VMS-12158 Added option to automatically remove videotags

  • VMS-12084 Support for PCM 24BIT audio in cameradriver

  • VMS-11902 Show videotags in timeline

  • VMS-11858 Add storage information in API:getserverstatus/getsystemstatus

  • VMS-10663 Improved handling of storage events

  • VMS-12185 High CPU load with dual CPU

  • VMS-12312 Server has possibly dangerous rest API rights and creates weird directory structure

  • VMS-12483 API getdivalist returns double clients in the list when using clientwatchdog plugin

  • VMS-12507 Installer unable to set postgresql password

  • VMS-12508 Tattile Vega camera eventbased connection fix

  • VMS-12547 EventPlayback panel with 'Connection Lost'

  • VMS-12591 Default export path for system back-up is not writable

  • VMS-12592 Backup restore issue with users

  • VMS-12601 Camera events not received for TKH and Hikvision driver

  • VMS-12603 Server crash Hikvision driver when using multicast

  • VMS-12618 Blur data not always retrieved when requesting playback images

  • VMS-12628 Clientwatchdog plugin logout issue

  • VMS-12637 Timeline images in fullscreen layout not updated according to lift privacy mask right

  • VMS-12751 Video Restore events PD1022v2

  • VMS-12756 Coordinates for Domeposition event Siqura PD950 are not always correct

  • Several security improvements and performance fixes


VDG Sense 2.7.2 (Released 8 December 2023)


  • VMS-12633 Webclient unable to decrypt dialog on login.

  • VMS-12550 Hikvision:alertStream connection not restoring after connectionlost


VDG Sense 2.7.1 (Released 19 October 2023)

New features

  • VMS-12204 Use Speed value in LicensePlateFound event to trigger macro

  • VMS-12198 Axis 3D positioning support

  • VMS-11352 Native Skilleye camera integration