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FlinQ 3.X Server Status



This is an overview of the FlinQ Server Status. This peace of software gives you sight on the status of FlinQ and the Connector Communication.

At the top of the screen, you will find a menu bar.
Under the Menu bar is a selection of 4 tabs.
The middle of the screen is divided in to 2 parts, the FlinQ software connections and the FlinQ connector connections.
At the bottom of the screen, you will find the status bar.

The menu bar has four dropdown menus:

  • Server

  • Register

  • Window

  • Help


The server menu gives you five options.

  • Login Ctrl+L

  • Logoff Ctrl+Shift+L

  • Connect

  • Disconnect

  • Simulate Connector


When you select the Login option, a new dialog box is shown on the screen.

The dialog box gives you the options to enter the Username and password.
The user needs to have permissions to use FlinQ status to login.



When you use the button Logoff Ctrl+Shift+L, the session wil log off.



The option Connect is to Connect FlinQ studio to the server.
A new dialog box will pop up and you have the ability to enter the IP Address and Port of the FlinQ Server.
The default port is 61202



Is you use the Disconnect button, the FlinQ studio will disconnect from FlinQ.

Simulate Connector

This option is used to simulate messages from and to the connectors. When you select this, a new window will pop up. In this window you can chouse the connector and send events to the connector or to the FlinQ server.

The Connector can be selected by use of the dropdown menu, this shown the active connectors from the FlinQ server.

The list with commands is filled by the type of connector.




When you go to the menu Register, it shows one option, License.

This is the menu where the FlinQ license can be activated. This menu will open a new dialog box.

Here you can enter the License key, Activate it online or offline.

Online activation is only possible after version 3.52.1 because of an update of the license server. FlinQ versions before 3.52.1 need an offline activation.

After activation, the Active features are shown.

All controls should be self explanatory. If not, please contact the support desk of TKH Security.



The window menu has 1 option, to set this program always on top. If selected, the FlinQ Server Status will float on top of al other windows on the screen.


The help menu gives you the option to select About FlinQ Status.
When selected this option, a new window will pop up, it shows the version of FlinQ status.

You can use the X to close this screen.

Tab Connections

This tab shows the connections of FlinQ Status and FlinQ studio to the FlinQ server.

You can reed the type of software, the User and the time of logging in.

If you are logged in, A Right mouse click gives you the ability to Logout or End the sessions.

The bottom part of the FlinQ status gives you information about the FlinQ connectors.

If you do a double click on the connector, it will give you the “Simulate Connector Message” screen. The Connector is filled in for you.

A Right mouse click on a specific connector givers you the ability to start, restart, stop, enable and disable the connector.

Tab Connector Communication

This tab shows the communication of the connecors.
You can apply filters on the right of your screen.

After the selection is made, click apply to set the filter changes.


With a right mouse click, you have the ability to clear the screen.

Tab Logging

This tab shows you the logging of the FlinQ connectors. The Information and Error states will printed to the screen.

A right mouse click will give you the ability to clear the screen.

Tab Performance

This tab shows the Performance of the FlinQ server.