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How to backup Templates in FlinQ Studio


In FlinQ studio there is an option to save the templates where the devices are listed. There are two types of back-up to make within the templates.

  1. The Placeholders in the device, this will be exported to an CSV file.

  2. The behavior of the device, this is locked by the XML of the device.

How to back-up the templates


1. Open the Templates window in FlinQ studio by Maintain -> Templates or by use the ctrl + T shortcut.

Open the second tab “Advanced

On the left, you can select the Template you will save. For the placeholders, you can export to CSV. This export includes all the placeholders, including the [Variables] like an IP address or a name of the device. When you select “Export to CSV” you will be asked by an windows doc where you would save the file.

For the behavior of the device, you need to export the Template Device XML. When you select “Export to XML” you will be asked by an windows doc where you would save the file.

How to import the files

Importing the files can be done the same way as Exporting. Go to Maintain in FlinQ Studio, select the templates. You will get the same window as shown before. Go to the tab “Advanced” and select the Template on the left. Then you need to use the button “Import from CSV” or “Import from XML”. You will get an Windows doc where you need to select the file you want to import.

Please be careful you upload the right file!

After you hit the “Save & Close” button, the Template is being updated.