*FlinQ is minimized on taskbar

How To Article | HTA-20210107-LG-03

Security Management | FlinQ 3.X |

FlinQ FrontEnd is visible on the taskbar from Windows, but not able to open. If you try to open the application, there will be a pop-up screen with the following text:


The Following actions are required:

Hold the shift key and take a right click on the icon, you will see the following options:

If you Maximize the screen, FrontEnd must be working like normal.



If there is no keyboard, there is an other option:


Right click on the task bar (bottom of the screen)

Select “Taskmanager” (Taakbeheer)

Open the FrontEnd (32-bits) by use of the arrow in front of the icon:

Right mouse click on the subtask of FrontEnd, you now see the option: Maximize, click on maximize and FrontEnd will work back again.
Close the Taskmanager window.