*How to reset a status of a device

How To Article | HTA-20220706-TV-01

Security Management | FlinQ 3.X |

When you have a network failure. It could be possible that a device will not reset his status. Then you have to reset the status true FlinQ status. You first have to find out what message parameter you have to receive in FlinQ that will reset the status in FlinQ.


Step 1.

Write down the device name where you experiencing problems with. Then you have to open FlinQ studio and login. In the following screen you have to search for the right device.


Step 2.

When you click with your right mouse button on the device name you will see two options. Chose the option to view the status of the device. It shows you the status of the device at that moment.

Take a look on the condition that has been set. If this condition isn’t correct, you can reset the condition manually via the FlinQ status software. But first, try to solve the main course if this isn’t solved before.


Step 3.

You have to open the device by double click. And then go to the ‘Edit Conditions’ page.


Step 4.

Search for the right condition that is been set and doesn’t need to be set. When founded, click Edit Triggers. (Don’t change anything.)


Step 5.

Search for the reset trigger that you will need to reset the condition the device is in at that moment. In the following example you need the connector: IPParking_WCF_EventService, Command: MessageReceivedWithCode and Parameters: DeviceOnline,3233.

Step 6.

You know have to open the FlinQ Status. When you click on Server. You can login, and there you also find the ‘Simulate Connector Message’. Open it by clicking on it. a new dialog box wil show up.


Step 7.

Know you have to simulate the message with the Simulate Connector Message. Fill in the wright connector. And then the event you want to receive in FlinQ. That will reset the status the device is in at that moment. After you send the message, the status of the device will turn to normal again.