*FlinQ Status Resetting a connector

How To Article | HTA-20220304-MK-01

Security Management | FlinQ 3.X |

With the program FlinQ Status you can see the status of all connectors.


When you open FlinQ Status you will see te screen underneath


This is where you see the connectors that are available. Here you can also see if a connector is started, faulty, stopped or disabled.


If you want to restart a connector. You first have to login. Click on the upper left on Server and then login. After that you will see the login screen. There you have to fill in the user name and password. And then Login.


Now you have to right click your mouse on the connector you are experiencing problems with. And Restart it.


When a connector is in fault and it doesn’t start. You can Disable the connector.


After disabling you have to Enable again to start the connector. If this doesn’t work the first time you can try it a few times. Wait a while before trying again.